The simpler Life - wide open terrainIts often with a nostalgic gleam in the eye that someone mentions the ‘Good ol’ Days’, or some romantic whisper of when time were more simple, but what if that mirage on the horizon were possible? If we take a few steps back, back away from our family, our community, our country. Back from jobs, back from the red and blue, the gay/straight/otherwise, back from what you believe. Now ask yourself what does someone need to live, what makes them free?

Inherently every human is a citizen of this entire planet. Imaginary lines of disproportionate maps aside we are all composed of the same ‘stuff’. The result of incredible explosions eons ago, even much of the water on earth is older than the sun itself ( ). The lines that connect us run far deeper than the ones that currently divide us.

Back to the question… What does someone need to survive? Well survival is a pretty subjective term, but you could probably get most people to agree that shelter, water, food, and energy are fairly essential to our current way of life. Now what if you could automate not only the system that produced each of those essentials in abundance and variety, but also every bit of infrastructure necessary to maintain not just a modern lifestyle but an advanced one?

Imagine the freedom…imagine the freedom, sun reflecting on wave curl

However freedom has been the struggle of the many for thousands of years with no end in sight and true freedom has been masked by politics and fear.

The recipe for freedom needs a dash of something else, and that is the glue that holds a community together. For true freedom all people must have the choice to have a voice and all people must posses the freedom of choice. Imagine if everyone could be given an equal voice?

What if I told you all of this was possible today, and more?

We have the capability, today, to make all of this a reality.

The simpler life re-defined a bit to be much less blood, sweat, and tears and more creativity, creation, and expression. By taking care of all of the basic needs of a person if free’s them up to really live their lives. Not in perpetual monotony or a long grind, but with fluidity and opportunity.

Terra Libre City is the beginning of a realization of that idea and we are looking for like minded people who believe not only in the necessity for change, but also the opportunity for incredible growth that comes with it.

If this is you, please contact us we’d love to hear from you!

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